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Livingston County Pagans
description: 'I am in the Fowlerville area, and looking to connect with like minded people for events, community and friendship. ' location: '6' city: Fowlerville county: Livingston email:...

Midsummer In Michigan 2016
The Summer Solstice occurs this year on Monday, June 20th though Midsummer's Day is often celebrated on June 21st. If you don't see your event here, you can add it right now: Thank you and enjoy! ...

Beltane In Michigan 2016
Get together with your Pagan community to celebrate Beltane, traditionally celebrated on or around May 1st or, by some, when the ecliptic longitude of the sun reaches 45 degrees. If you don't see your...




Upcoming Events

Traveling the Chakras
July 14, 7pm in Milford, Michigan

Ritual to Honor Athena
July 16, 11:30am - 12:30pm in Madison Heights, Michigan

All Day Crafts
July 16, 10am - 8pm in Davison, Michigan

Black Magick Woman
July 16, 4pm - 7pm in Milford, Michigan


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Kingsley, MI
Northern Michigan

Hocus Pocus Designs
108 E.Grand River Howell
Southeast Michigan

Children's Yoga Teacher
629 Davis Street Kalamazoo
Southern Michigan and Michiana