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Single woman seeking single man
description: I'm searching for a partner who is expressive, kind, playful, flexible, and comfortable in social settings. I am open to new experiences and hope you would be as well.You don't need to...

Educator looking to make a difference
description: 'I am newly graduated with a Bachelor''s Degree in Elementary Education (Early Childhood focus). I want to do something extraordinary with the knowledge that I have worked so hard to...

Hoping to meet fellow Pagans/Wiccans
description: 'I am still (officially) new to Wicca, but I have been drawn to it my entire life. I would like to meet other, like-minded 20 and 30- something people with which I can converse, explore,...




Upcoming Events

Middle Path Monday Meditation
September 1, 6:00pm in Ferndale, Michigan

Detroit Metro Area Pagan Meetup
September 1, 7pm in Mount Clemens, Michigan

Earth Aware Yoga
September 1, 6pm to 7:30pm in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Great Lakes Herb Faire
September 11, All day September 11th through 13th in Chelsea, Michigan