Apothecary/ Herb Farm. We are currently growing a variety of medicinal /culinary herbs, and fruit, on 20 acres.
Our goal is to give back to the community with the highest quality, readily available medicinal and culinary herbs that are grown sustainably and locally. These herbs are grown by a trained herbalist and a farmer. The difference between buying from us and huge bulk suppliers is a world of a difference. We also sell ready to go potted plants for you to enjoy in your garden along with producing seasonal high-value-added products like tea blends, non-toxic beauty products, bitters, tinctures, hydrosols, salves, and vinegars in our apothecary. You can also shop our dried herbs section to order herbs for your personal use. We believe in rebuilding a connection to the earth, to do what we can to help it, and in return be helped.

Hours of operation:
Space available for meetings: No

Contact Information
alexandra rea
5780 w joy rd

Southeast Michigan,

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