Spellbound TC Tattoo Parlour

Welcome to Spellbound TC Tattoo Studio by me, Johnny Gallo. I have been tattooing in and around Astoria, NY since 1986. My wife first brought me to Traverse City almost 10 years ago to meet her family, after returning several times, we decided this would be the best place for my art and music to grow. And I'm looking forward to ripping up these roads with my motorcycle!

I have worked with the best and the biggest egos in the business. After all these years I have learned only one thing matters, the work. I love to tattoo. I work in a studio format by appointment. I figure that getting a tattoo should be as comfortable as possible. Each appointment is scheduled to avoid interruptions. This means complete peace and privacy while you are getting tattooed. On your first consultation we will discuss your artwork and what you want to do with it. Once accepted as a client, a deposit will confirm your first tattoo session. When you arrive for your session you may bring one guest with you. Come prepared with water/juice or snacks you think you may need so you are comfortable. ​ Enjoy the website, I hope you like what you see.

Peace, Love and Happiness. -Artist, Johnny Tattoo Gallo

Hours of operation:
By appointment, Monday through Friday
Space available for meetings: No

Contact Information

402 South Union Street
Traverse City, Michigan
(231) 421-1677

Northern Michigan, Grand Traverse County

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