The events listed in our database are listed as a service to the Pagan, Heathen and magical communities of Michigan. Pagan Michigan does not host events and does not claim any responsibility or credit for any of the events listed in our database. Please contact your event host to verify all information and use all reasonable precautions to ensure your personal safety.

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Sunday, October 1

Sunrise: 7:31am
Sunset: 7:17pm
Moonrise: 5:21pm
Moonset: 2:55am

Monday, October 2

Sunrise: 7:33am
Sunset: 7:15pm
Moonrise: 5:56pm
Moonset: 3:56am

Tuesday, October 3

Sunrise: 7:34am
Sunset: 7:13pm
Moonrise: 6:28pm
Moonset: 5:00am

Wednesday, October 4

Sunrise: 7:35am
Sunset: 7:12pm
Moonrise: 7:00pm
Moonset: 6:06am

Thursday, October 5

Sunrise: 7:36am
Sunset: 7:10pm
Moonrise: 7:32pm
Moonset: 7:13am
Full Moon: 2:41pm

Friday, October 6

Sunrise: 7:37am
Sunset: 7:08pm
Moonrise: 8:05pm
Moonset: 8:23am

Saturday, October 7

Sunrise: 7:39am
Sunset: 7:05pm
Moonrise: 9:21pm
Moonset: 10:45am

Witches Night Out in Fowlerville

At 3-11pm at Fowlerville Fair Grounds in Fowlerville, Michigan

Sunday, October 8

Sunrise: 7:41am
Sunset: 7:03pm
Moonrise: 10:07pm
Moonset: 11:55am

Monday, October 9

Sunrise: 7:41am
Sunset: 7:03pm
Moonrise: 10:07pm
Moonset: 11:55am

Tuesday, October 10

Sunrise: 7:42am
Sunset: 7:01pm
Moonrise: 10:58pm
Moonset: 1:02pm

Wednesday, October 11

Sunrise: 7:43am
Sunset: 7:00pm
Moonrise: 11:56pm
Moonset: 2:04pm

Thursday, October 12

Sunrise: 7:44am
Sunset: 6:58pm
Moonrise: none
Moonset: 3:00pm
Last Qtr: 8:27am

Friday, October 13

Sunrise: 7:45am
Sunset: 6:56pm
Moonrise: 12:59am
Moonset: 3:48pm

Saturday, October 14

Sunrise: 7:46am
Sunset: 6:55pm
Moonrise: 2:04am
Moonset: 4:30pm

Midwest Witches Bazaar

At 9am to 3pm at Royalty House Banquet Facility in Warren, Michigan

Sunday, October 15

Sunrise: 7:48am
Sunset: 6:53pm
Moonrise: 3:11am
Moonset: 5:07pm

Monday, October 16

Sunrise: 7:49am
Sunset: 6:52pm
Moonrise: 4:17am
Moonset: 5:39pm

Tuesday, October 17

Sunrise: 7:50am
Sunset: 6:50pm
Moonrise: 5:23am
Moonset: 6:10pm

Wednesday, October 18

Sunrise: 7:51am
Sunset: 6:48pm
Moonrise: 6:27am
Moonset: 6:39pm

Thursday, October 19

Sunrise: 7:52am
Sunset: 6:47pm
Moonrise: 7:30am
Moonset: 7:09pm
New Moon: 3:13pm

Friday, October 20

Sunrise: 7:54am
Sunset: 6:45pm
Moonrise: 8:32am
Moonset: 7:39pm

Saturday, October 21

Sunrise: 7:55am
Sunset: 6:44pm
Moonrise: 9:33am
Moonset: 8:11pm

Psychic/Holistic Festival

At 11am - 5pm at American Legion Hall in Lapeer, Michigan


At 7pm at Red Cedar Friends Meeting House in Lansing, MI 48906

Sunday, October 22

Sunrise: 7:56am
Sunset: 6:42pm
Moonrise: 10:32am
Moonset: 8:46pm

Monday, October 23

Sunrise: 7:57am
Sunset: 6:41pm
Moonrise: 11:28am
Moonset: 9:25pm

Tuesday, October 24

Sunrise: 7:58am
Sunset: 6:39pm
Moonrise: 12:22pm
Moonset: 10:07pm

Wednesday, October 25

Sunrise: 8:00am
Sunset: 6:38pm
Moonrise: 1:12pm
Moonset: 10:55pm

Thursday, October 26

Sunrise: 8:01am
Sunset: 6:36pm
Moonrise: 1:58pm
Moonset: 11:46pm

Friday, October 27

Sunrise: 8:02am
Sunset: 6:35pm
Moonrise: 2:40pm
Moonset: none
First Qtr: 6:23pm

Saturday, October 28

Sunrise: 8:03am
Sunset: 6:33pm
Moonrise: 3:18pm
Moonset: 12:41am

Sunday, October 29

Sunrise: 8:05am
Sunset: 6:32pm
Moonrise: 3:53pm
Moonset: 1:40am

Monday, October 30

Sunrise: 8:06am
Sunset: 6:30pm
Moonrise: 4:26pm
Moonset: 2:41am

Tuesday, October 31

Sunrise: 8:07am
Sunset: 6:29pm
Moonrise: 4:57pm
Moonset: 3:45am

The lunar and solar information on this calendar has been gathered from and Times are calculated for Flint, Michigan and may be off a few minutes from your location. Visiting the above sites and entering your personal location information may give you more accurate results. To learn more about using this information to time your spells, visit

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