Circles, Kindreds, Covens, Groves, Temples and Churches

Here is your guide to Pagan circles, Wiccan covens, Druid Groves, and Pagan Temples and Churches of all kinds here in the state of Michigan. If you are looking for ordained Pagan clergy to perform a wedding, handfasting or other spiritual service, contacting one of these Pagan organizations may be a good step in your search. Many of Michigan's pagan organizations offer training to new seekers and some offer periodic events that are open to the public. Please contact a member of the organization before just showing up though, to get an idea of what to expect from the gathering and to let them know to expect you.

Blue Equinox Oasis -Southeast Michigan, Oakland County

Cedarsong Grove, ADF -Central Michigan, Ingham County

Circle of the Sacred Grove, Temple of the Old Religion -Southeast Michigan, Monroe County

Circle of the Sacred Truth -Southeast Michigan, Wayne County

Crescent Birch Grove, OBOD -Southeast Michigan, Oakland, Wayne and Washtenaw Couties

Crossroads Tabernacle Church -Southeast Michigan, Livingston County

Earth Path Eclectic Resources -West Michigan, Allegan County

First Metaphysical Church Of Davison -The Tri-Cities Area, Genesee County

Grove of the Midnight Sun, ADF -Northern Michigan, Antrim County

Grove of the Winged Scarab -Central Michigan, Clare County

Hearth And Grove Fellowship -West Michigan, Kalamazoo County

Iseum of the Emerald Flame -Northern Michigan, Kalkaska County

Keepers of the Hearth -Southeast Michigan, Genesee County and Oakland County

Lítt Ugla Ásatrú Kindred -Online Only, Bay

Michigan Trúfolk -The Tri-Cities Area,

Ocqueoc Forest Protogrove, ADF -Northern Michigan, Presque Isle County

Sanctuary Of The Winds -West Michigan, Kent County

Shining Lakes Grove, ADF -Southeast Michigan, Washtenaw County

Woodwolf Pagan Circle -Southeast Michigan, St. Clair County

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