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A Special 3 Day Herbal Intensive Workshop

This event presented to you by

The Wandering Owl

On June 10 at June 10 7am-9pm, June 11 10am - 6pm, June 12 10am - 6pm
Repeats? - - No

This event will be taking place at The Wandering Owl. Friday 7-9pm, Saturday and Sunday 10-6. See details below.

We have never done anything like this before at The Wandering Owl! This course will be covering the important areas that will allow that student to begin their journey into the world of Medicinal Herbalism.

Friday only will be $30, the whole weekend including Friday will be $250.

To register and pay with a credit card call (517) 782-2780.

This special 3 Day Herbal Intensive Workshop will be taught by Brian Hornbeck and Lorie Patiño Alba, teachers at the Mexican National Festival of Medicinal Plants. These two curanderos will be coming from thier home and practice in Mexico to teach this event. The knowledge shared in the classes will be from their more than 20 years of experience of helping people to encounter a balance in their lives through the use of plants as medicine.

Details coming soon!

Class Itierary
Friday 7 – 9:00pm
What is Herbalism, history, how it can help us and where it might be going.
Meeting a medicinal plant, ally and friend and allowing a plant to teach us.

Saturday 10am – 6pm
Morning 10- 2
Using herbs in both internal and external applications. Explication of the mechanics of herbal medicine, how when and why to use different applications.
2 – 2:45 Break
Afternoon 3 – 6
Herbs and the Nervous and Digestive systems

Sunday 10am – 6pm
Morning 10 - 2
Finish Digestive systems (in depth look at the liver)
Begin Herbs and the Immune system
2 – 2:45 Break
Afternoon 3 – 6
Continue Herbs and the Immune system

The Wandering Owl
139 North Jackson Street
Jackson, Michigan
Central Michigan, Jackson County

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