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Black Magick Woman

This event presented to you by

Little Truths

On July 16 at 4pm - 7pm
Repeats? - - No

Black Magick Woman: Finding your voice and your magick against all odds

In this class we will discuss the use of magick for personal gain, in love, lust, money, work, etc. You are a person who works within other worlds, you can light a candle with you mind, so why are you still broke?

Lady Daem is first and foremost a teacher.Lady Daem is also a 3rd degree High Priestess of the Elder Faith Tradition Craft and a 1st degree High Priestess in the RavenMyst tradition.Lady Daem has been teaching everything from Wicca to Hoodoo and back in southeastern Michigan for the past 14 years. Daem is an individual that effects everyone around her in such an enlighting way, it is virtully impossible not to be inspired by all that she say and all that she is.
Join us for an evening of inspiration with an incredible human being!
This event is 25$, space is limited, so register on our website quickly.

Little Truths
204 South Main Street
Milford, Michigan
Southeast Michigan, Oakland County

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