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Cedarsong Grove Lughnassadh Celebration

This event presented to you by

CedarSong Grove, ADF

On July 25 at
Repeats? - - No

You are cordially invited to attend Cedarsong Grove, ADF's 8th Annual Lughnassadh Celebration. Join us as we honor the god Lugh with fellowship, feasting, and "warrior" games.

We will also be collecting for the Lansing Chapter of P.I.N (Pagans In Need) (; . At this time, they are in need of the following:

Canned meats - tuna, chicken
Canned Veggies - green beans, peas, beans, etc.
Noodles - egg noodles and the like
Breakfast Cereals
Powdered Milk (in packets)
Personal care products (Body wash, shampoo, feminine hygiene products, etc)
Paper Bags (like Horrocks/Trader Joes) .

Plans begin with a firewatch and general merry-making on Saturday evening. Anytime after 6pm, feel free to stop in. We'll be having a potluck dinner Saturday night, with Firewatch starting around dusk. Camping is encouraged, but by no means required. Sunday morning, we'll be having a potluck breakfast about 8am, with the Warrior Games to start at 9am. A potluck lunch and a private Grove-only Business meeting/election will follow at noon, with our High Day Ritual to start at 1:30.

Camp Frances was not available to us on Saturday, however, we wished to make this an overnight event, so the location has been changed. We will now gather at the home of our Senior Druid, near Laingsburg on the north-east side of Lansing. If you need directions or the address, please email gro.fdagnosradec|diurdroines#gro.fdagnosradec|diurdroines.

Please note that outdoor camping space will be available for those preferring to stay overnight without sleeping under the stars, but you must provide your own camping gear. While the Senior Druid does open his home for use of the restroom, we ask that you please be respectful of his home and family.

Our warriors are hard at work crafting ways to test our skills, but you do not have to be a warrior to participate. Practice time will be available on Saturday at the firewatch for those interested, and you are welcome to choose your events a la carte.

The Warrior Games consist of the following
Spear throw
Hunker Down
The Rock Throw:
Target Shooting
Atalanta’s Race

As always, please be prepared to label your potluck contribution with any potential allergens (wheat or other gluten, soy, dairy, nuts, mushroom, garlic, onion, artificial sweeteners, pumpkin, beans, etc.) as well as labels advising if an item is vegetarian or vegan friendly.

If you have any questions, feel free to email gro.fdagnosradec|diurdroines#gro.fdagnosradec|diurdroines or gro.fdagnosradec|dlareh#gro.fdagnosradec|dlareh for more information.

Laingsburg, Michigan
Central Michigan, Shiawassee County

Contact Information

(517) 798-6672

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