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Crossing Over: Opening the Western Gate

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On May 7 at 7pm - 9pm
Repeats? - - No

Gate Opening and Cleansing for Flint
We close the Gate at Samhain, but open it for travel at Beltaine. This year, we gather for a two-fold purpose: To cleanse our City of negative energy, and to encourage the lost souls to traverse the void to the Summerlands. This is a Wiccan Ritual but open to people of all faiths who wish to offer energy and prayers to help Flint recover from this dark trial. All paths welcome!

Much is discussed about Samhain and how the Dark of the year is the appropriate time for honoring the dead and assisting them on their journey, but many are not aware that what dwells in the darkness also exists in the light.

Astrologically speaking, Beltaine is opposite Samhain on the Wheel, but this means it lends special significance to assist those bound for the Summerlands on their spiritual journey across the void.
For this Rite, we will Invoke Hekate of the Crossroads to monitor the passing of lost souls while the Morrigan and Anubis assist, at the same time, we will use the open gate to banish negativity, cleansing the ground and living waters of our City, which has been so hard hit both financially and energetically. For those who do not follow a Wiccan path, your prayers and good thoughts will go a long way to helping our City heal! We can work together for the common good, by just holding space with us, either at the ritual site, or even in your own homes, we can flood the City with positive and loving energy!

Please join us at the Grand Fountain, or just hold space wherever you are on this night… let us work together to rebuild our City!

This ritual will be held twice annually, once at Beltaine, once at Samhain to assist in the cleansing and freeing of our City from the pressing negative energy we are experiencing.

Grand Fountain
Downtown Flint
Flint, Michigan
The Tri-Cities Area, Genessee County

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