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Death Magic: Discussion and Practicum

This event presented to you by

Pagan Pathways Temple

On March 31 at 2pm - 7pm
Repeats? - - No

Death magic — much like death itself — is often an avoided and reviled by many. However, from burial practices to the Dark Arts, death magic is often a cathartic and healing experience for those who participate. During this class we'll discuss various topics within the vague concept of death magic - from rituals for burying the dead to rituals for communicating with them - before we apply them in our own ritual.

* A trigger warning goes without saying: undoubtedly everyone participating has lost someone very close to them or is facing someone's death. Everyone is somewhere on the grieving spectrum. The first half of the class is discussion, but the second half is designed to bring up a great deal of emotion. *

1. What is death magic?
- Historic practices of death magic including Egyptian, Norse, and Voodou.
- The importance of honouring the dead for them and for the living
- Sigils, offerings, and adornments
- Memento mori and their uses in magic

2. Necromancy and the Dark Arts
- Summoning and communicating with the dead
- Trapping and banishing the dead
- Using the dead for ethereal work and magic
- Haunted locations

3. Death of the Ego/Self
- The importance of living death rituals using shadow work, mind altering agents, etc.
- Why are we afraid of death? Defining our fear of death and how ritual and magic help us face it

4. How are we changing the modern death?
- Reclamation of death practices in pagan paths
- Death doulas and changes in laws
- Celebrations of Life as rituals for the dead; combining tradition with modern death practices

Snack break!

5. Laments
- A selection of historic and modern laments
- How to use laments in ritual

6. A Ritual for Facing Death - This one’s a secret. ;)

Donation: $20

This event is potluck!

Pagan Pathways Temple
28736 John R Road
Madison Heights
Southeast Michigan, Oakland County

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