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Folk Remedy Basics: Beating the Wintertime Blues

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Boston Tea Room

On February 5 at 2-4pm
Repeats? - - No

Wintertime ailments got you down? Join us in exploring some basics of teas and herbs used in several traditions believed to provide relief from common symptoms experienced in winter - from skin soaks for dry skin to delicious brews to beat the blues! This class will enable even beginner tea drinkers to confidently create an herbal/tea brew from start to finish. Learn the historical reference and modern day usage of time-tested recipes. Complete with all the materials and help you need to make and take an herbal creation home with you!

A note from DeAnnah: "A bit about my background: Growing up in the South, folk remedies are a part of our way of life. Your grannie knew best and her hot toddies were testament. Whatever the ailment, someone knew some trick, some concoction that would help. When I moved to the Great White North from Mississippi four years ago I had no idea how invaluable those tips and tricks would be for enduring the cold Michigan winters."

Please note, that this class does not replace seeking the attention of a doctor or other healthcare professional and as always, consult your physician before changing your care routines.

$40 per person includes all materials and samples provided. Follow the ticket link above to register, or call 248-548-1415. Attendance is limited to 15 participants. In order to plan for enough materials, pre-registration is required.

Boston Tea Room
224 W 9 Mile Road
Ferndale, Michigan
Southeast Michigan, Oakland County

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