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Hands On Witchcraft

This event presented to you by

The Wandering Owl

On August 25 at 7pm - 8pm
Repeats? - - No

Cost: $20

Hands On Witchcraft is an ongoing series of classes with the goal of helping you build a solid, tradition neutral, foundation that will help you in whatever path you choose to explore. Taught by a highly respected elder with a growing and dynamic coven.

This class is a drop in style class, with rotating topics from month to month designed to fit the needs of the people in the class, and larger currents within the spiritual community. Topics may include; Grounding and Centering, Shielding, Cleansing, Meditation, Basic Shadow Work, Candle Magic, Stone Magic, Oils, Herbs, Basic Divination, Working with Local Spirits, Symbolism, and the Fae.

Amabran is a Priest of the Morrígan and the current High Priest and teacher of Renewal coven, a coven of The Path of Light; a lineaged, initiatory pre-Gardnerian tradition of Witchcraft, from southeast Michigan. Amabran’s experience stretches back to 1993 when he first began to receive training in Christian mysticism; this led him to the Kabbalah and Ceremonial magic before introducing him to Wiccan inspired neo-Paganism and then Wicca (known in the US as British Traditional Witchcraft). While leading a Pagan youth group in Melbourne Australia around 2003 he encountered the Path of Light tradition in which he received training and initiation and has subsequently practiced and taught.

The Wandering Owl
319 West Washington Avenue
Jackson, Michigan
Southeast Michigan, Jackson County

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