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Happy Happy Poi Joy w/ Jinx!

This event presented to you by

Caravan of Dreams Gallery and Studios

On January 21 at
Repeats? - - No

Multi Level Poi/Voi Drop In Class - More info soon!
January 21st - February 11th

8pm - $15/student - To pre-register, please contact Sarah via email at moc.liamg|sianaskar#moc.liamg|sianaskar or phone - 269.665.0893.

Open Playtime with Jinxi!
Spinning poi and veil poi is super fun, but can also be frustrating when trying to meet a deadline. So let's take those responsibilities out of the equation and just spin for spinning's sake! Sometimes we learn best through play, and this will be an open safe environment to try out and learn new things. No fixed schedule, just show up and we'll see what people feel like doing.
This drop in informal class is open to all levels of poi spinners-
Beginner? No problem! Everyone starts somewhere and this is perfect place to do it!
Experienced spinner? Poifect! Feel free to show off and maybe share a tip or two with the group wink emoticon
Please bring your own poi and veil, there may be some extra available but no guarantee.
Need poi? Check out to see what they have available. I highly suggest the fuzzy poi to have for practice, you won't be worried about them breaking and they don't hurt as much when you whack yourself (and trust, you WILL whack yourself). Also look into the B/C cords, they are ball chain cords that unwind easily when twisted together. Those seconds add up as you are practicing, and it can be frustrating when spending more time detangling than actual spinning!
PLEASE NOTE There will be a group order placed on January 4th with potential discounts from Home of Poi. If you are interested in being included, please message Jinx by NOON on Monday 1/4/16 with list of items you would like as well as a direct link of the products you would like (just to avoid confusion).

For ALL Caravan of Dreams Gallery and Studios classes, please park in the Church Street parking lot at the northeast corner of the building. Use the entrance closest to the loading docks. Park Trades Center automatically locks the doors at 6pm, so we will have a staff member at this door 15 minutes prior to each class to let you in and direct you up to the studio. If you have any problems finding the entrance or getting into the building, please call 269.665.0893 :)

Caravan of Dreams Gallery and Studios
326 West Kalamazoo Avenue
Kalamazoo, Michigan
West Michigan, Kalamazoo County

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