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Hardcore Herbalism & Poison Ivy's Grimoire

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Ann Arbor Athanor

On November 12 at 12PM - 3PM
Repeats? - - No

Hardcore Herbalism teaches the patterns system of plant identification and will leave you with simple ID patterns and mneumonics to identify over 20 Michigan plant families. In addition to introducing you to the mint family, which contains a vast majority of native medicinal herbs, this fast-paced, easy-to-follow course will introduce you to three dangerous native plant families capable of causing terrible rashes, skin burns, and even death.
So, if you're struggling to tell your cinquefoil from your St. John's wort, come to this class. If you've ever eaten a "wild strawberry" from your backyard and it tasted awful, come learn what you've actually had. If you're not 100% certain how to identify poison ivy and poison sumac, this is the place to be. From the casual hiker to the avid natural spiritualist, this is a must-have course for anyone who wants to be hands on with nature.
Poison Ivy's Grimoire focuses on the spiritual aspect of working with plants. Plants are very powerful allies. Evolution has made them hardy, aggressive, and very good at what they do. In the segment, you'll learn how and why to make spirit alliances with plants. You'll also learn about land spirits and how to interact with them. We'll be discussing floor washes, mojo bags, spiritual baths, and a whole different array of how to work with plants and herbs in simple and practical ways that can change your life for the better. We will be making both a floor wash and a floor sweep to take home. Please bring 2 containers to carry these home in. At least one should be water-tight.
You do not have to stay for both classes. Hardcore Herbalism will take up approximately 2 hours, and Poison Ivy's Grimoire will last 1 hour.
The class will be limited to 12 participants.
Pre-register at:…
Payment in cash or credit card also accepted at the door.
Nicole Bonvisuto is the owner and operator of Living Roots Creations out of Lansing. She has been working with nature and plant-based spiritwork for just short of two decades. Nicole also has a degree in Environmental Biology from MSU, but firmly believes you don't need one to understand plants.

Ann Arbor Athanor
2nd Street
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Southeast Michigan, Washtenaw County

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