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Heathen Michigan's Freyfaxi Gathering

This event presented to you by

Heathen Michigan

On September 18 at All day 9/18-9/20
Repeats? - - No

This event is open to ALL Germanic Heathens (Asatruar, Odinists, Greater Theods, etc.) who live, work or play within the State of Michigan. If you're not a member of Heathen Michigan you ought to be! It's fun, free and a great way to connect with other folk without any obligation. Please send your real name and address to moc.liamg|nagihciMnehtaeH#moc.liamg|nagihciMnehtaeH to join officially. Please LIKE our Facebook page then search for and join the Facebook Group of the same name.

Woden's Day, September 23rd is the Autumnal Equinox this year. We're getting together the weekend before to celebrate. This is a casual come as you are kind of event. You are responsible for your own campsite and food. We just all gathering in one place.

Cost is $15 a night per campsite.

Live real-time discussion will take place here:

About the site: Bertha Brock Park is a 186 acre county park located two miles west of the City of Ionia on M-21. It is a regional park that serves the entire county and surrounding areas. The park offers a campground, rental lodges, play areas, picnic shelters, hiking trails, sledding hill, and various family oriented recreational activities. Here are the park's rules:

Park map:


Friday - 12PM-6PM Arrival
6PM-8PM Meet & Greet (Front Pavilion/Lawn)
8PM-? Hospitality (Light a campfire to receive guests)

Saturday- 9AM Walk About
10AM-12PM Events
1PM-2PM Quiet time
2PM-6PM Events
6PM-7PM Potluck (Central Picnic Area by Campsite# 18)
7PM-9PM Member Meeting
9PM-? Hospitality (Light a campfire to receive guests)

Sunday- 9AM Break Camp
11AM- Goodbyes (Front Pavilion/Lawn)

Bertha Brock Park
2311 West Bluewater Highway
Ionia, Michigan
Central Michigan, Ionia County

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