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Hermatyk Alkemy 3 Class Series

This event presented to you by

Treehouse for Earth's Children

On October 1 at 2pm - 9pm
Repeats? - - No

Herman has decided he is ready to pass on the knowledge of the Lost Arts of Alchemy, After studying alchemy an putting it into practical application for decades. This is an alchemical class based off of the teachings of the “Ancient 9”. Sciences brought down by the alchemists in Ancient Egypt.

In this series you will learn the alchemical chemistry aspect. There are 4 male and 4 female forces. Half work with the Father Cosmic and half with the Mother Earth energy fields. There is a union between the two forces we call Quintessence, it is the balancing force of the cosmic and elemental energies. All things must pass through the physical over and over until it is purified then it can return to the spiritual. This will be taught on how you can change matter and how you can do it yourself.

He is seeking students who are ready to learn “Hermatyk Alkemy”. The potential to become an Alchemy Apprentice is available to advanced students or anyone with a desire to learn. Studying Hermatyk Alkemy will make it easier for you to see in plain sight, the hidden secrets of nature that weren’t visible before. Many secrets will be released to mankind in this series of classes. Herman Meinke teaches 18 classes on alchemy. Also on Biodynamic Agriculture, Meditation, and more.

This knowledge is applied for the betterment of Humanity. Focused to restore the Health, Soil, Water, and Atmosphere, of the Earth.

Saturdays from 3 to 9pm on October 1st, 8th, and 15th.
Cost: $300. There are no required but we have books for sale.

The Treehouse for Earth's Children
22906 Mooney Street
Farmington, Michigan
Southeast Michigan, Oakland County

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