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Introduction to Defense Against the Dark Arts

This event presented to you by

The Wandering Owl

On September 19 at 1pm to 7pm
Repeats? - - No

Cost: $75

Presented by Robert Noonan

If you ever feel like you are run down in certain environments, surrounded by negativity or just encountering people who leave you feeling like their ill will has gotten to you in a real and tangible way then this class may be your answer.

This is actually three separate classes presented together as a six hour intensive introduction to psychic and energetic self-defense. Covering cleansing, shielding yourself and warding a location you will learn techniques that you can use in your daily life as well as take away a finished object tied to a shield and a finished ward for you to use at home plus all the materials needs to continue cleansing yourself and your environment.

This is a ‘hard hat’, or energy intensive, class with a dinner break so make plans to bring food or get some during the break and there is an additional small break to let people catch their magical breath in between activities.

Rob, also called Raven or Amabran, is originally from Australia and as well as being an Elder and teacher of the Path of Light tradition of Witchcraft has been a student of a number of magical traditions over the last 20 years covering both ceremonial magical traditions and more Neo-Pagan influenced ones. He is also quite bad at writing biography’s about himself.

Stop in to register or call for more information. Phone: 517-782-2780.

Attendees must sign up by 09/12/2015 and that due to the need to make sure there are supplies available for everyone, no walk-ins will be accepted.

A minimum if 3 participants are required to hold the class/workshop. In the event there are not enough participants to hold the class, it will be canceled. In the event of a cancellation, registrations will be refunded or can be credited to a future class or event.

Art The Sorcerer by Elacee on

The Wandering Owl
139 North Jackson Street
Jackson, Michigan
Central Michigan, Jackson County

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