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Learning How to Protect Your Aura w/ Susan Graham

This event presented to you by

Choices Unlimited, LLC

On October 11 at 1pm - 2:30pm
Repeats? - - No

The focus of this class will be to understand the energetic composition of the Aura and how to protect it from non-benefical energies absorbed from the 'energetic soup' in which we live, learning to clear those energies while enhancing our 'reception' of Creator and Mother Earth Energies to strengthen and enlighten us.
Sound Complicated? In reality, this concept is based on a simple truth: In Energy Healing, Awareness and Intention are Everything! Once you become aware of your personal energy anatomy, you can affect, change and enhance it to increase well being on all levels of mind, body and spirit.

Our world is filled with 'Energy'. Energy from the Creator of All That Is and Mother Earth, which nurture and sustain us. Blended into these healing and beneficial energies are electromagnetic frequencies from every electric and electronic device in our world, including the battery in our wrist watch. Added to this 'energy soup' are the electromagnetic frequencies from the human brain, generated by our thoughts……….by all human thoughts.

Susan Graham is an Energy Healer with over 10 years experience, working with clients to improve physical as well as energetic health, providing clients with tools to increase and maintain well being on a permanent basis.


Choices Unlimited Center
8887 Gull Road
Richland, Michigan
West Michigan, Kalamazoo County

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