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Learning Invocation/Evocation

This event presented to you by

Gatto's Place

On December 10 at 7pm -10pm
Repeats? - - No

Do you yearn to understand how to summon other worldy beings to you? Do you believe that belief there are such things in the world as fairies, ghosts and powerful beings? Do you have a need to learn how to call upon other worldly forces to aid you? Are you fascinated with using other beings to help achieve your goals?

Invocation and Evocation offer a syncretic approach to power and magickal practice that is both theoretically rigorous and deeply practical. No New Age sales pitch, overly complicated or outdated theatrics, or white light BS.

Come to this class and learn how to take further control of your life and expand your understanding of the universe that we live in.

Gatto's Place
28311 Gratiot Avenue
Roseville, Michigan
Southeast Michigan, Macomb County

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