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Poison Ivy's Grimoire

This event presented to you by

Pagan Pathways Temple

On October 1 at 1:00 pm EST
Repeats? - - No

Working with plants can completely change the energies within your life. They can protect your home and family, drive away bad guests, discourage thieves, and remove curses. They can also do some pretty signifigant harm to you if you're unknowledgable or work with them incorrectly. Learn how to turn your garden into something greater and how to engage in spiritwork with different species of plants, both wild and domestic.
What plants should you plant to protect your home? What is a land spirit and how exactly do you work with one? Why does your spinach keep turning purple? We'll talk about these topics in this discussion about the intersection between nature and spiritwork.
As a group, we'll make a energy-changing floor sweep to take home!
This is a two-part course in accompaniment with Hardcore Herbalism the previous Saturday, the 24th. You do not have to take both classes or attend Hardcore Herbalism to understand and attend this course.
The class fee is $30 each, or $40 for both if you sign up and pay for both classes at Hardcore Herbalism. Proceeds will be split between the presenter and the Temple.

Nicole is the owner and operator of Living Roots Creations out of Lansing. She has been working with nature and plant-based spiritwork for just short of two decades. Nicole also has a degree in Environmental Biology from MSU, but firmly believes you don't need one to understand plants.

Pagan Pathways Temple
28736 John R Rd, Madison Heights, MI 48071
Madison Heights
Southeast Michigan, Oakland

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Nicole Bonvisuto

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