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Reiki Kids

This event presented to you by

Pure Energy Imaging, LLC

On October 22 at 10am - 2pm
Repeats? - - No

Bringing together Reiki and the young is a sure recipe for magic on Earth. This class is designed for 6-12 year olds. Our children are the planets future teachers, guides, and leaders and bringing Reiki to them enables clarity and validation of their inherent abilities. The workshop is designed to be lots of fun in a nurturing, supportive environment allowing them to explore their innate potential. Children have a natural awareness of healing energy as they are close to the flow of life. They find it easy to learn Reiki. In the class we honor their unique perspectives and present Reiki in a way they understand. In the class we will cover:

Sensing the Energy Field
Reiki 1 Attunement
Healing plants, animals and people
Reiki Art and Creative Expression

Cost $50 per child, includes Reiki Kids Certificate, Reiki Kids book and all craft materials. Any additional siblings $35. Bring a sack lunch. Limit 6 children per workshop.

Prequisite One parent or guardian who is attuned to Reiki Level 1 to help support the child’s continued learning and growth after the workshop.

Registration forms will be sent via email where possible.
$20 deposit per child is required by October 15 to secure your place, this can be paid via PayPal using my email address: ten.tsacmoc|85reklawkj#ten.tsacmoc|85reklawkj

To register contact Janice Walker: (810) 280-7640 or
Email: ten.tsacmoc|85reklawkj#ten.tsacmoc|85reklawkj

Deposit is nonrefundable

Pure Energy Imaging, LLC
9041 Miller Road
Swartz Creek, Michigan
The Tri-Cities Area, Genesee County

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