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Rite of the Dark Goddess

This event presented to you by

Moonfire Coven and New Moon Spiritual Gift Emporium

On November 6 at 8pm
Repeats? - - No

“Hekatê of the Path, I invoke Thee, Lovely Lady of the Triple Crossroads, I pray Thee, Maiden, to be present at our hallowed rites of initiation, and always bestowing Thy graciousness.” – Orphic Hymn to Hekate

" Lo! On thy brow burns the star-sapphire of heaven, thy girdle is as the serpent of Eden, and round thine ankles chatter the rubies and garnets of hell. Hearken, O Lilith! O Sorceress of the blood of life!

When Two shall be One, then shalt thou be crowned with a crown neither of gold nor of silver, nor yet of precious stones; but as with a crown of fire fashioned in the light of God's glory.” –The Temple of Solomon the King

With the powers of these two Goddesses, that which is unwanted or harmful and must be banished will be.
Through celebrating the Divine Feminine within us, we shall greet the Earth’s passage from Harvest to Winter with joy and fellowship. Thus we shall eat "forbidden fruit" fortifying a new covenant with our own unique true will within; as we each set out to accomplish our individual goals and welcome a new year!

You may come in costume, craft robes, or garb as is your will!

If you cant make the Friday night ritual - it is REPEATED the next day at Bewitching wares in Otsego at 3pm.

New Moon Pagan Store
730 East Cork Street
Kalamazoo, Michigan
West Michigan, Kalamazoo County

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