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Sacred Chocolate and Cacao Ceremony

This event presented to you by

The Wandering Owl

On December 5 at 1pm to 5pm
Repeats? - - No

Cost: $50

The use of Song, Prayers and Objects in creating a catalyst for healing and spiritual growth will be explained and presented through a sacred chocolate and cacao ceremony. This workshop will share the wisdom from Traditional Medficine for the preparation of Altars, Mandalas and Sacred Space. All while drinking traditional hot chocolate. The Cacao or Chocolate helps one to access their heart and joy through the release of endorphins. The accompanying songs and ritual instruments help in the connection to that energy and allow for release of old emotions and those things we no longer need in our lives. Leaving the Participants in a place of relaxation and bliss!

Presented by Brian Hornbeck, and Lorie PatiƱo Alba, teachers at the Mexican National Festival of Medicinal Plants.

Stop in to register or call for more information. Phone: 517-782-2780.

Attendees must sign up by 12/01/2015 and that due to the need to make sure there are supplies available for everyone, no walk-ins will be accepted.

A minimum if 3 participants are required to hold the class/workshop. In the event there are not enough participants to hold the class, it will be canceled. In the event of a cancellation, registrations will be refunded or can be credited to a future class or event.

Event takes place in the basement workshop of The Wandering Owl. If you have accessibility issues you can attend online, call 517-782-2780 for more information.

The Wandering Owl
139 North Jackson Street
Jackson, Michigan
Central Michigan, Jackson County

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