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Scanning 101 with Jeff

This event presented to you by

Gatto's Place

On June 10 at 7pm - 10pm
Repeats? - - No

This class is designed to give you a practical yet easy method to prove to yourself that there is energy everywhere and teach you methods to “see” these energies. This is a very hands on approach that allows you to begin “seeing” as an adept in the Arts does.

This is such an essential fundamental skill that is lacking in books made for magickal training. This is due to the fact that most books are written by those who don’t even practice or are just bookins. "Bookins" are those who learn by only reading what others have written. Taking everything they have read and treating it as gospil. To me, learning is only good if you actually practice and hone your skills. By doing the work and experiencing failures and triumphs you gain more than just taking someones word on something.

People have been asking: What exactly IS scanning?

Answer: It is a viable tool for focusing on the ‘subtle' signals, and then getting clear about what we’re really being told or see. Participants learn how to use their psychic ability to “read” their environment, their relationships, their jobs, themselves. So that they can tune into and then shift the flow of energy around them so they can accomplish what they want, easily – magically.

What will you get out of this class: A way of living by tuning into yourself and your environment. A way of moving with the energy around you so you can begin to direct the flow and achieve what you want.

Please reserve your seat for this class. Limited seating available.

Gatto's Place
28311 Gratiot Avenue
Roseville, Michigan
Southeast Michigan, Macomb County

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