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The Artist's Way Group Series

This event presented to you by

First Metaphysical Church of Davison

On October 5 at 7:00pm
Repeats? - - No

12 week workshop on the Artists Way: a Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity. Classes will be Monday nights from 7pm - 9pm September 21 through November 30th. Hosted by Rev Connie and Rev Nicky. No pre-registration or book required.

This session will be week 3. Don't worry if you have missed the first couple of groups. You will join us when and where you need to be.

Week 3-Recovering a sense of Power.

Week 4-Recovering a sense of Integrity.

Week 5-Recovering a sense of Possibility.

Week 6-Recovering a sense of Abundance.

Week 7-Recovering a sense of Connection.

Week 8-Recovering a sense of Strength.

Week 9-Recovering a sense of Compassion.

Week 10-Recovering a sense of Self Protection.

Week 11-Recovering a sense of Autonomy.

Week 12-Recovering a sense of Faith.

First Metaphysical Church
8267 East Atherton Road
Davison, Michigan
Southeast Michigan, Genesee County

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