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Universal Society of Ancient Ministries / WOM Picnic

This event presented to you by

Witches of Michigan, Universal Society of Ancient Ministries

On September 25 at 1pm - 6pm
Repeats? - - No

A get together for the whole family to talk and have a good time, this is a free event, however, there is a $10, fee to enter the Metro Park. Bring your family and even your dog but please know that the park has a leash law.

You may vend at the picnic for free…so vendors you are welcome to come and break bread with us.

This picnic is a potluck, what we bring we share with others…so bring enough to share.

Drinking is permitted but Beer and Wine only…the park restricts hard booze.

We will be collecting food for Pagans In Need, Toys for Yule, Candy Pop and Potato Chips for the Little Witches Ball.

We will be holding a few raffle's so if you can bring a gift to donate.

See you all there.

I will be heading a small none mandatory prayer circle after the event all are welcome to attend.

East Bend Picnic Area
17845 Savage Road

Southeast Michigan,

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