Events for Pagans in Michigan

Michigan is home to some of the best events available to the Pagan community. Its beautiful and diverse landscape and population means there is truly something here to appeal to anyone.

If you, your business or your organization is hosting an event in Michigan that you believe would be of interest to the Pagan community, please post it here! We will promote it on Facebook and Twitter and you will never be charged. If you have trouble and can not or do not wish to post your event yourself, please email it to paganmichigan at and we will do it for you. Or add us to your newsletter and we will post any events you send us.

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Ongoing Events

Earth Aware Yoga
- - Every Month
New Moon Gifts in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Peruvian Fire Ceremony
- - Every Month
Ann Arbor Athanor in Ann Arbor

Metaphysics Discussion Group
The Third Friday Every Month
The Wandering Owl in Jackson, Michigan

Detroit Metro Area Pagan Meetup
The First Tuesday Every Month
Mount Clemens Library in Mount Clemens, Michigan

Psychic Development with Maryann
Every Wednesday Every Week
Crystal Treasures in Pontiac, Michigan

Group Reiki Healing Circle
Every Monday Every Week
The Candle Wick Shoppe in Ferndale, Michigan

Upcoming Events

Access New Levels of Your Intuition Workshop
August 12, Enlightened Soul Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Home and Hearth Group
August 9, Pagan Pathways Temple in Madison Heights, Michigan

Lammas Public Ritual
July 30, Harmon Partridge Park in Owasso, Michigan

What's going on in your community? Get the inside scoop right here.

A Few Notes

This is an annual event, hosted on the 2nd weekend of August each year. We are currently into the...
(by Doug Sievers 29 Aug 2017 15:05, posts: 1)
I'm a neo Druid living in Taylor Michigan. I'm looking to learn more about Druidry and Celtic...
(by Mikey333 28 May 2017 21:49, posts: 1)
Check out Hallowed Hag Gallery (@HallowedHag): and over on...
(by Lady Aine 24 Aug 2016 15:51, posts: 2)