Originally posted: January 17, 2013

For those of you who miss Moon Magick down in Pinckney, I have good news. A new shop called 5 Points has just opened up in the same location. Glenda Bartel, a Pinckney native who used to visit Moon Magick on occasion, has just opened for business after buying out the previous owner.

It began two years ago when Glenda attended a meeting at the shop and discovered that it wasn't open very often because the owner suffered from some health problems. Glenda thought what a shame it was and had a fleeting fantasy of taking over the shop but it wasn't til last year that she was ready to do so. In the interim, she worked various jobs including medical assisting and retail and then she began selling home made magical items, wands, oils, wreaths and fairy houses at festivals. One day she had a conversation with a mutual friend of the owner of Moon Magick and the conversation came around to the shop. Her friend offered to talk to the owners of Moon Magick on her behalf and the rest is history!

When choosing a name, Glenda brainstormed by making a list of possible names, but she felt the name 5 Points really hit her personal connection to the elements. The store is stocked with a full complement of magickal tools, books, stones, incense, candles and herbs. She especially recommends a set of male and female skyclad candles which she says are great for certain types of rituals or to represent the Goddess and the God on an altar.

The Grand Opening celebration will take place in June and is not to be missed. She plans to have guest readers, workshops and belly dancers. But you don't have to wait till June to stopy by. Five Points is open for business as of this month. Private readings are available, and the shop is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. The retail operation is open from 10am to 7pm Wednesday through Saturday and from noon to 4pm on Sunday. Guest readers and teachers will also available on alternating months.

Five Points is located at the Southwest corner of Kress and M-36. The address is 4780 E M 36 in Pinckney. You can contact Glenda for more information or to schedule a reading at 810-588-1078 or by email at moc.oohay|yrehctiwstniopevif#moc.oohay|yrehctiwstniopevif or check out Five Points on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/fivepoints1

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