According to our modern calendar, Samhain falls the day after Halloween. However, many folks prefer to celebrate on the more traditional midpoint between the Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice, or the Cross-Quarter date, which, this year, is November 7th. Whichever day(s) you decide to celebrate and however the spirit of celebration moves you, you will find plenty of company in our Pagan community.

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Samhain Celebration
November 1, 2pm to 5pm
Please follow the link below to contact your host for location information. in Woodhaven, Michigan

All Soul's Day Ceremony & Celebration
November 1, 12pm to 7pm
The Unity Tree Spiritual Center in Houghton Lake, Michigan

All Souls and Samhain Celebration
November 1, 8:15pm
The First Metaphysical Church of Davison in Davison, Michigan

Pumpkin Patch Annual Youth Outing
October 11, 4pm to 7pm
First Metaphysical Church in Davison, Michigan

Youth Halloween Party
October 18, 2pm to 4pm
First Metaphysical Church in Davison, Michigan

Goultide Gathering
October 3, 8am to 3pm
Chelsea Fairgrounds in Chelsea, Michigan

Horror Movie Fest
October 24, Oct 24 at 7:00pm to Oct 25 at 7:00am
First Metaphysical Church in Davison, Michigan

Samhain with the Ann Arbor Black Hat Society
October 30, 7pm
Follow link below and contact host for more information in Pinckney, Michigan

Annual Open Samhain Ritual
October 31, 7:30pm
Mills Township Hall in Midland, Michigan

Egbe Egun Ancestral Masquerade Party
October 31, 10pm to 1pm
Jakobi Ra Park in Highland Park, Michigan

Samhain Ritual
October 31, 9pm
Pagan Pathways Temple in Madison Heights, Michigan

Samhain Weekend
November 6, 7pm Friday Nov, 6-10pm Saturday Nov 7
Cavallo Equestrian Centre in Ypsilanti, Michigan

Rite of the Dark Goddess
November 6, 8pm
New Moon Pagan Store in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Dark Goddesses: Hecate and Lilith
November 7, 3pm
Bewitching Wares in Otsego, Michigan

CedarSong Grove Samhain 2015
November 8, 2pm
Camp Frances in Charlotte, Michigan

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