CRYSTAL MOON PARANORMAL is affiliated with CRYSTAL MOON ASTROLOGY. Both are under the parent company, HOLISTIC HYPNOTICS LLC owned and operated by Heidi — a servant of Spirit and metaphysical/holistic practitioner. Heidi is certified as a psychic medium, astrologer, and clinical hypnotherapist, and is the only belly dance instructor in Michigan to be certified by a a national, accredited organization. She is also an independent paranormal investigator with a strong belief in personal empowerment. She hopes to serve others by cultivating practical wisdom and higher understanding through classes, horoscope consultations, and paranormal support services, including clearings. Her goal is to educate and encourage others to be self-reliant, and to feel empowered to heal themselves and change their lives for the better, and if necessary, to protect themselves and their loved ones from negative energies. For those who are interested in developing your own psychic ability, classes, low-cost mini astrology readings, and hypnotherapy sessions and CDs are all available. Heidi is also well versed in the many uses of crystals, and incorporates them in her hypnosis sessions, psychic readings and classes. She's one of very few mediums in the state who offer readings and classes on Victorian style table tipping. A selection of tumbled stones, tea light holders, sage, and hypnosis CDs are available for sale.

Accepting New Members: No
Activities Open to the Public: Yes
Ordained Clergy: No

Contact Information

(734) 788-6478

Southeast Michigan, Wayne

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