Great Lakes Witches Council

The Council is comprised of public and private pagans, as well as other magickal practitioners.

Our members are primarily comprised of a great number of paths, who reside in the U. S. states and Canadian
provinces whose borders touch the Great Lakes.
We are small, but dedicated, resistance against the ever increasing forces of banality in

pagan education and practice.

We believe an educator should be valued for their abilities and wisdom … when used to actually educate.

We put forth the proposition that all classes, though not being identical in content, should be equivalent in quality

We put forth the idea that it is not okay to read from the book to people who are there to learn from an instructor. The exception to this is when citing references or original work as a reference for the subject matter being presented.

We boldy put forth that it is good and proper for a student of the Arts to be allowed to actually ask (GASP!) "why" something is presented the way it is and what the presenters frame of reference may be.

We brutishly demand that instructors be able to elaborate on their practical experience and/or training when presenting greater than and introduction to the general sphere of that discipline.

We ask prayerfully that we do not allow the stick, which we weild to back up our soft talk, does not one day imbed itself up our own hindquarters as firmly as those who look down upon the novices in our communities.

We point out that Magick is joyous and fun and that if there can be no ease at the public ritual, then each of us has the responsibility to question the purpose of our presence there in relation to our true WILL (wink, wink!)

We applaud the ideas of Ritual Ettiquette, Feasting, Fellowship, and are inappropriately excited at the vision of well done cakes and mead.

We have written more homonyms for the French word for yes in this piece than should ever be allowed.

We have a lot of nerve.

But it takes nerves in a living body to keep it alive. Otherwise, it allows itself to die or become so damaged as to neither be useful, nor recognizable.

We are not all the same. We are not all one path. We are as different as the mushrooms in the forest, (or in that van in back of the High School down on Grand River, heh heh).

And yes, We Do Have COOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mistress Belladonna
Detroit Representative Alpha
Tradition: Traditional Fool

Accepting New Members: Yes
Activities Open to the Public: Yes
Ordained Clergy: No

Contact Information

Southeast Michigan,

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