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The Wolf Run Wildlife and Spiritual Sanctuary, LLC. (WRWSS) is based near Remus, Michigan. Started in 2006 as a single event with the idea of bringing people of many faiths together in the spirit of acceptance, understanding and cooperation. Our goal is to establish a sanctuary capable of servicing the needs of people who belong to what are considered to be non or Pre-Christian spiritual paths or beliefs by spreading diverse unity among religions.

We are continuously endeavoring to work together within the community towards Education, Understanding, Acceptance and Equality for these spiritual paths and to be a positive enduring presence, both locally and globally.

Incorporating in 2009, the organization has grown from offering a single event, to offering several activities year-round, to meet its mission and the needs of the community. Each year Wolf Run is visited by hundreds of people from all over the state during these events.

Annual Festival and Gatherings
Land with Rustic Camping, Ritual Spaces, Meditation Gardens, Nature Trails and More!
Available for use by groups, weekend Family Getaways and Retreats…
Visit us online for more information
W.R.W.S.S. is a 501c3 Non Profit donation and volunteer supported organization

Accepting New Members: Yes
Activities Open to the Public: Yes
Ordained Clergy: Yes

Contact Information
Stan Newcombe
6879 60TH Ave

Central Michigan, Mecosta

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