Jenna Degowski

I am an RYT 200 Yoga instructor, Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner, Lightworker Crystal Practitioner & Reiki Medicine Drumming Practitioner.
At Peaceful Spirit Studio I offer yoga & Reiki healing services.

I offer Gentle Slow Flow, Goddess, Donation & Wall yoga classes. Every other Saturday morning I offer introductory meditation class.

Reiki sessions are available in several options from 20 min Chakra Balancing sessions to full hour sessions with technique options of crystals, pendulums, smudging, Reiki Medicine Drumming and more. The client has the choice of hands on or off the body.

Beginning Fall 2015, I will be offering Reiki classes in-person and online.

Wicked Sister Herbals - co-founder
My sister and I create natural body care products. We feel it is important to remove ourselves from the toxins and carcinogens that are in so many foods and products that the government approves and become more self-sustaining.

We use natural, earth created ingredients to formulate our products. Nothing is tested on animals and we do not purchase from companies that do or condone animal testing. We test on ourselves and loving friends that volunteer. We in the process of growing our own herbs. Though we grow organically we are not certified organic growers.

I also create a line of Crystal Elixirs in the form of orals and body/room mist to balance the chakras, smudge and support the body, mind and spirit to support balance and well being. Please visit our websites for more information. &

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Southeast Michigan
Farmington , Oakland

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