Magical Education Council (MEC)

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Magical Education Council (MEC)

The Magical Educational Council was established for the following purpose: to create community by promoting the sharing of knowledge, experience, and fellowship among people who follow mystical and esoteric traditions. In order to promote community, we do not include those paths or traditions whose doctrines advocate bigotry and / or violence against others on any basis including but not limited to race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or religion.

MEC is the sponsor of ConVocation, which is a convention of the many mystical spiritual paths and faiths and the people that follow them who desire to teach each other and promote fellowship among all esoteric traditions. Since 1995, this 4-day event has brought together over 100 classes and rituals presented by local instructors, internationally renowned guest speakers and authors. Along with workshops, ConVocation offers over 40 tables of merchandise in our Merchant Room, an Art Show and the largest indoor Drum Circle in the Midwest.

MEC is also the sponsor of the Pagan Picnic which happens in June.. come out and join us for some food and conversations and “Beyond the Veil,” a Samhain event which happens in October. In accordance with our Mission Statement, the Magical Education Council (MEC) will offer grants to individuals or groups attempting to further community building with the the pagan, esoteric, or magical communities.

Grants will be offered in amounts up to $500.  No organization may be awarded more than one grant in a 12 month period.
Grant applications must be mailed in to MEC at 22006 N. Chrysler Dr, #1013, Hazel Park, MI 48030 with original signatures of all applicants. Applications will be reviewed by the Board at the next available regular meeting of the Board of Directors, this process may take up to 12 weeks.  Applicants will be notified via the official email of the organization provided on the application.

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