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Mar 05 2020


5:00 pm - 6:00 pm





How to Read Oracle Cards with Charise

Dive into intuition, and explore these powerful tools for gaining insight, perspective, and wisdom!

What is the difference between tarot cards and Oracle Cards. As I often tell clients: simply put, Tarot is a commitment, but Oracle can be used today!

There is a structure with Tarot that requires study. Major and Minor Arcana, the study of numerology and the suits. It’s not for everyone!

Oracle cards delve straight into ones intuitive mind. But with hundreds and hundreds of different decks out there on the store shelves and even more online, how do you choose, and where do you even start?

This workshop will instruct you on how to choose and/or connect with an Oracle deck.

Create a “key” for interpretation and methods to use the cards to trust your intuition and deliver inspiring messages for yourself and others. Get clarity, focus, and more. Learn techniques for daily practice, reading yourself or others, medition, journaling, and more.

If you have an oracle deck, BRING IT. If not, you can arrive early and shop for one from Boston Tea Room’s selection of dozens. Though we will have a couple of samples on hand, this workshop will be most rewarding if you have your own deck to use.

By pre-paid reservation only.

$40 per person. Call 248-548-1415 today.

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