Zen Service

Please join us for a bi-weekly Zen Buddhist Service in the style of Korean Zen led by Dharma Teacher Hwa Son Josh Plucinski from Still Point Zen Buddhist Temple in Detroit. Korean Zen, properly called "Son," has a distinct flavor that is earthy, unpretentious and, quite often, filled with humor. There will be a limited … Continue reading Zen Service

Midsummer: Rite Of The Queen Of The Fey

Come join MoonFire as we celebrate a Midsummer. This ritual celebration will combine Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream with the magick of the season to welcome the Longest Day of 2018.

Ann Arbor Pagan Pride Day

Join us as we celebrate our local Pagan community with workshops, vendors, and more! annarborpaganpride.org 734-277-1897 A2PaganPride@gmail.com


For 2020 our theme will be based on the Tree of Life sephiroth Gevurah. Our theme is “Through Our Wrath We All Face Judgement.” In Binah, we learned that we must use understanding, in Chesed we worked towards compassion and loving kindness. With Gevurah, we must recognize that there is a benefit to embracing our … Continue reading ConVocation